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Things to get for new cat: cat litter box, carrier, bed & more

Now that you’ve picked your perfect kitten, it’s time to get everything ready for the new arrival!

Have you already found a feline bundle of joy to share your life with? Are you about to bring your new kitty home? You must ensure that your home is ready to welcome your furball. If possible, arrange for a few play dates with the kitty before you bring them in, to make them feel comfortable in your company and recognise your smell. Taking this step will ensure that your fur baby can transition easily from their current place of residence to the forever one.

You also have to arrange for essential supplies to prepare for a new kitten so that they feel comfortable from the moment they enter their new home. If you are a new cat parent, here we will list down a few items that you need to arrange for your friend to make them feel immediately at ease in their new home:

Cat Litter Box

Litter boxes come in several varieties. You can choose a plain plastic cat litter box the with litter for cats inside. It is a simple, inexpensive option preferred by many cat parents but it requires some maintenance. There is also the self-cleaning litter box which can rake the litter after your furry friend has used the box. This entices many cat parents but these boxes can be quite expensive and your furball may be frightened by the raking mechanism. A hooded litter box has a tall cover that allows your munchkin privacy. These boxes also prevent the litter for cats from dropping onto the floor. But the flip side is that many of our feline friends may be scared and refuse to use a covered litter box.

Cat Bed

Our furry friends are famous for napping all day and a cat bed is likely to be their favourite dozing zone. Remember to keep the cat bed in a space where your furball feels comfortable and safe. Besides, a cat bed should always be dry, soft, and warm. You may want to choose a cat bed with a washable cover for long usage. Also, try to go for a cat bed that allows your fur baby the space to stretch out before or after they sleep and is also snuggly enough for them to curl up in a ball and feel safe.

Cat Carrier

A cat carrier or cat crate is the most important thing you need to arrange for as you will have to carry your new friend home in it. A cat carrier must be strong and safe and must be well-ventilated. Your little munchkin should be able to get in or out of it easily and should not feel threatened inside it.  You should avoid cardboard options as they do not allow enough ventilation and a scared cat may claw through them. The best option is usually a sturdy plastic carrier with a locking door.  Line the floor of your fur kiddo’s cradle with a soft, warm cloth so that they feel extra comfortable as they travel to their forever home.

Cat Water Fountain

Kitties are renowned for their aversion to water. If your fur baby doesn’t drink enough water, only wet food cannot meet its hydration requirements. Dehydration causes several health problems in furries including loss of appetite and lethargy. One possible reason for your kitty’s aversion to the water bowl may be their preference for running water. This is where a cat water fountain or cat water dispenser comes in handy! If your cat is one who prefers fresh running water, there is a high chance that your munchkin will love it and you do not have to worry about them being dehydrated. Besides, you can rest easy knowing that your precious darling has access to clean and filtered water at all times.

Cat Bowl

Any stainless-steel or ceramic bowl (without lead glaze) you have in your kitchen can serve as a cat bowl. However, it is better to provide your little friend with a bowl made especially for them. You will find several options of non-tip stainless steel cat bowl available in the market. Do not opt for a plastic cat food bowls as your kitty may contract a chin rash from it. If you wish to treat your furry darling to a specially decorated ceramic bowl, ensure that its glaze does not contain lead. Automatic food bowls are also a great option if you tend to be away for the major part of the day but don’t prefer free feeding.

Cat Toys

Kitties love to gambol around and play. Hence, they should be provided with several safe toys to keep them occupied. Pouncing is a favourite activity of adorable feline furries. Catnip-filled toy fish, mice, or balls, therefore, make excellent toys for them. It is normal for you to get excited whenever you see a new toy for your cat but you must examine the toy carefully before gifting it to your little feline munchkin. Make sure it is made from non-toxic material and has no small detachable parts like pom-poms, feathers, or bells that your cat may ingest or choke on.

Collar & ID Tag

Make sure that your kitty wears a collar with an ID tag at all times as it will ensure that you can find your fur baby easily in case they get lost. The tag should contain information such as your name, address, and phone number. Opt for a collar with an automatic release so that the kitty does not get stuck on anything. You should also buy a collar with a proper fit such that it does not scratch or damage your little munchkin's neck and allows them to breathe and swallow easily. One easy way to ensure this is to check whether there is space for two fingers between the kitty's neck and collar.

Scratching Post

Scratching is a favourite activity of felines as it keeps their claws sharp and helps them to mark their territories as well. As cats will scratch whatever they can get their claws on, it is important to teach your kitty to scratch only on a scratching post. Purchase a scratching post with a strong, heavy base so that it does not fall over easily. The scratching post should ideally be as tall as your fur kiddo to allow them a good stretch while standing on their hind legs.  If you have more than one cat at home, each kitty should have a separate scratching post.

Cat Brush

A cat brush is a must-have grooming essential for your little furry friend. You need to regularly brush your kitty for loose hair, to decrease shedding, and to keep their fur from getting matted. Grooming is an excellent way to spend time with your furball too. Choose a brush that will enable relaxation in the cat. Some brushes also come equipped as massagers. You can opt for those as well.

Nail Trimmer

Trimmed nails are essential for both your fur baby and you. By keeping their nails clipped, your furniture remains protected from their sharp scratches and the kitty does not have to suffer an infection or the pain of ingrown nails either. Get your furry little munchkin used to nail clippers from the kitten stage so they don't feel threatened at the sight of them and nail trimming sessions will never be a headache for you.

Cat Food

Cat food comes in several options. Before you bring a cat home, try to obtain information on its diet at the shelter, pet store, or breeder and keep following that for a while before slowly switching to a new diet. Sudden and frequent diet changes can cause gastrointestinal problems in cats. So, if you introduce a new diet, try to stick to that. The kitty’s age also determines what you should feed them.  Kittens, adult cats, and elderly cats all need different diets.

If you are looking for wholesome cat food, Whiskas has specially designed food for furballs of all ages. You can check out their products to determine which one best suits the dietary need of your feline friend.

FAQs on Things to Get for a New Cat

What items do you need for a new cat?

You should get a cat cradle or carrier, food, bed, water and cat bowl, cat litter and a litter box. You should also get a cat travel bag or cat carrier bag, safe toys, grooming tools like brushes and nail trimmers and a collar with an ID tag.

How should I prepare for a new cat?

To make your fur baby feel welcome in your home arrange for a warm bed and a safe space for them. Also, get them safe toys. Ease them into a suitable diet and keep plenty of food and water handy.

What are some mandatory cat items?

A cat cradle or carrier is a must for bringing your kitty into its new home. Cat food, water and food bowls, bed, litter boxes, grooming brushes, nail clippers, toys, and a collar with a tag are also must-have items.

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