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Listen to
cat purring sound!

Purr Sound

All cat lovers will agree with one thing, YOU don’t own cats, THEY own you. How can you not succumb to the charms of the feline kings and queens? Cats are little bundles of cuteness, playfulness, and ferociousness, all mixed in proportions that make the concoction too hard to resist! The moment they step into your lives and houses, they completely own you.

Ask any cat owner what do they love most about their precious furry munchkin and most will reply when they sit on you (it can be your lap, your face, your chest, anywhere the king/queen deems suitable) and purr. Did you know your fur baby’s purr has healing benefits for you? No wonder you love it and feel calm and relaxed when your kitty purrs.

But what does this weird deep vibrating sound mean? And how can you get your cats to purr more? Let’s find out!

Why do cats purr?

Cats mostly purr when they are content, relaxed, and feel safe in an environment. They may also purr for other reasons but if your furry friend purrs with their eyes closed and when you stroke them or pet them, it most certainly means they are happy and at peace.

If along with purring your kitty baby also kneads gently with their front paws, consider yourself super lucky. Your fur baby is as content to be with you as they felt with their mother while suckling from her. The kneading motion while purring is a show of complete serenity, trust, and contentment.

Purring is also a sign of good health. If your kitty doesn’t purr, they are either physically or mentally unhealthy.

So, how do you ensure your fur prince or princess is brimming with happiness and good health?

Simple! Just follow these tips -


How to get your fur kid to purr more?

Since purring means they are content, the way to make your fur kiddo purr
more is to make them happy.

Take care of their food

Cats are fussy eaters. After all, they are royalty, so you must give them the food they prefer and not what you choose for them to eat. Try different combinations of wet food and dry foods to see which one your feline baby takes to.

Whiskas® offers paw-licking wet food recipes for kittens as well as cats that are oh-so-delicious! Whiskas® wet food packs are filled with all nutritional goodness while being extremely palatable for felines. Whiskas® wet food is delicious, 100% complete and balanced food for felines, and contains antioxidant for immunity and overall health of your fur friend. They also come in jelly as well as gravy form and contain chunks of real fish and meat. Just try it once and see how your fur baby starts purring every time they hear you rip open a pack.

Whiskas® dry foods are also extremely nutritious. The crunchy kibbles are not only great for oral care, they also contain fiber to support digestion. A combination of both Whiskas® wet and dry food will ensure your fur kiddo receives wholesome nutrition, stays hearty and healthy, and purr more.

Take care of their food

Spend time with them

Kitty cuddles are the best! And such a show of affection is one of the most important factors to making cats purr. Pet, stroke, or tickle them, give them a belly rub and play with them. In simple terms, spend time and bond with your furry friend. Give your kitty undivided attention for sometimes every day. Lie down with them, gently stroke their necks, tickle behind the ears, and massage the face, and see how loud your fur kid purrs.

It is also crucial for cats to have playtimes. Otherwise, they will get bored and it will affect their mental well-being. They also get tired of the same toys. So, get a few different toys that your feline kiddo would love or make simple ones at home. Just make sure your kitty is getting enough different activities to keep them engaged and entertained.

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Don’t forget regular
vet check-ups

Like it’s mentioned above, if your cat is not healthy, it will not purr. If you find your kitty not purring even after you do everything right, take them to a veterinary for a check-up at once. It is also important to take your cute feline munchkin for annual check-ups, and to vaccinate and de-worm them to keep them in the best of health.

Spend Time

Get your sweet fur baby to purr more

Apply the tips given here and we guarantee your furry kid will surely purr more. Let their purring fill you and
heal you. Cats are such sweet and naughty little angels and deserve all your love and attention. Give it to them
and see how they love you right back! No one can match the love your purrfect little furry baby has for you.

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