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Playing With Older Cats

Ways to Play with Older Cat

As adorable and awesome cats are, they are also incredibly inquisitive and playful, making them the most delightful pets ever! Not only do these fluffy furry munchkins keep their beloved cat parents entertained with their antics, but are also always prepared for playtimes, making it easier to bond with them in no time. 

Whether a kitten or a senior cat, no cat ever refuses to a quick game with their human parents. However, as cat parents to senior cats, it is also important to be mindful of their advanced age and look for games that are more suited for these kiddy souls in old bodies. Games like fetch with cat balls, hide and seek in cat tunnel, cat catcher, and puzzles help senior doll face cats remain entertained and stimulated for long times!

Understand why are kittens so playful?

If you are a seasoned cat parent, you are sure to know that these adorable fur babies are extremely energetic and playful. The excitement and enthusiasm of kittens know no bounds when it comes to playing with their siblings or human parents. But have you ever wondered why are kittens so playful?

Playing, within the feline community is one of the most crucial social interactions that allows kittens to grow more aware of its environment and pick up skills necessary for survival. Playing and staying physically active presents kittens with opportunities to exercise their newfound abilities and hone their instinctive responses. 

Playing also includes investigating moving objects, chasing potential preys, pouncing on them, and biting. These social interactions also allow kittens to learn how to their strength when it comes to biting when being playful with their affectionate members, such as siblings or their favourite humans.

Why is playing vital for senior cats?

In addition to kittens, playing is also crucial for senior fur kiddos. Cats are often exposed to the risks of arthritis in their older age, making it difficult for them to maintain their agility. Playing on the car exercise wheel allows furry felines to exercise their muscles and joints, contributing to them staying physically fit. Not only does this help senior cats in staying lean and flexible, but also helps in avoiding feline obesity. In addition, playing games with doll face cats also helps cats in staying entertained without being bored, relieves stress, and even keep their minds active and stimulated. 

Games to play with your senior cat

It is important to engage senior furries in games that are age-appropriate and does not exert too much pressure on them. Mentioned below are some games to play with senior cats.

  1. Play on your cat's prey instincts

    While housecats rarely feel the need to hunt for food, it is still important to keep their preying instincts honed. Using the hunting instincts of doll face cats by making them pounce or stalk a feather toy can help them in staying active and keep their instinctive reactions sharp.

  2. Go low-tech

    As much as cats love new toys, they do not need expensive high-tech toys to stay entertained. Instead, they are often fascinated by things lying around the house, such as paper bags, cat dolls, and cardboard boxes.

    So, if you are planning to get your cat a new stuffed cat toy such as a cat teddy or a cat doll, why not choose a DIY one that is easy to make but is an exciting gift for your adorable munchkin?

  3. Play hide and seek with food

    Including yummylicious Whiskas cat food or cat treats during playtimes is an exciting way of encouraging your senior kitty to stay physically active. Games like hide and seek with food are not just entertaining, but can help furries stay stimulated and entertained.

  4. Go catnip crazy

    A cat's love for catnip never goes unnoticed. Catnip is a popular cat attractant and using toys infused with catnip will not just calm your senior cat in moments of stress, but will also make them playful and roll around in ecstasy.

  5. Use Puzzle Toys

    Cat friendly puzzles are ranked high among popular cat toys and can make for an exciting game for senior cats. Puzzle toys not only allow senior cats to stay entertained but also stimulates their mental capacities.

Choose Age-Appropriate Cat Toys

With advancing age, senior cats often seek games like cat doll and cat chew toys that are entertaining without being too stressful physically. 

The best cat toys for older cats should allow your senior munchkin to be physically and mentally stimulated while being safe. Best cat toys suited for older cats should be easy to handle, such as the stuffed cat toy, cat ball toy, or cat teddy. Cat chew toys that are made from soft, non-toxic materials are also well suited. 

Experiment with Different Toys

If your senior kitty enjoys cat ball toys, cat tunnel, or cat exercise wheel, here are some of the best suited cat toys that you can look out for are:

  1. Feather wands

    Feather toys for cats and wands are attractive toys for cats. In addition to being easily playable by senior cats, these feather toys for cats also stimulate their hunting instincts by mimicking a small bird.

  2. Soft plush toys

    Cat plush and cat plush toys continue to remain a favourite for cats of all ages. Especially for senior cats, soft cat plush toys can be safe to play with.

  3. Catnip toys

    Catnip toys can keep your furry munchkin entertained for hours. Catnip toys can also help alleviate stress in older cats.

  4. Interactive puzzle toys

    Interactive cat toys and puzzle with cat balls for cats are also a popular choice among senior cats as they can be played with for hours without having to spend a lot of energy.


What type of toys are best for cats?

Choose cat plush toys that are age appropriate for senior cats. Toys such as cat balls, feather wands, cat plush toys, interactive puzzles are safe and help senior fur babies stay entertained without having to spend a lot of energy. 

How do I keep my cat entertained?

Games such as hide and seek, cat exercise wheel, cat catcher, fetch with cat balls, catnip toys, interactive cat toys, and plush toys for cats can help senior cats to remain physically active and also keep their hunting instincts honed. 

Is plush good for cats?

Yes, cat plush or stuffed cat toy is a good choice of toys for cats. Cat stuffed animals are soft and plush toys for cats or stuffed cat toys are made from non-toxic material too, keeping your senior furry safe. 

Is it good to play with old cats?

Yes, playing is an important social interaction within the feline community and playing with older cats can have several advantages for them. Playing with toys for cats and stuffed cat toys helps senior kitties stay physically active and mentally stimulated.

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