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Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair

Are you thinking about getting an Exotic Shorthair kitten for your home? Explore whether the Exotic Shorthair cat is the right breed for you. Learn more about them here.

If you are short on time but want to own, sorry, share your life with a cat that has 'movie star' looks, then the Exotic Shorthair is for you! To its many admirers, this cat is simply known as the ' wash-and-wear Persian' thanks to its low-maintenance, velvet-like coat which comes in a stunning array of colours. Its cute, almost kitten-like features are one of its most admirable qualities, while its big round eyes, small ears, flat face and a short snub nose give it an irresistible sweet-faced expression. Playful, inquisitive and happy-go-lucky, the Exotic is a pleasure to have around the home. In fact, while it does adore human companionship, this breed is also content with its own company making it ideal for the busy pet lover. The Exotic Shorthair is therefore a highly adaptable cat and will readily fit into any situation - especially if it is given the opportunity to enjoy all the creature comforts of the home.

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